Base Mix Ingredients

We are able to supply a large selection of base mix ingredients sourced from the UK and Europe and are able to guarantee continuity of supply, year in year out.

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  1. Antarctic Krill Meal
    Antarctic Krill Meal
    As low as £6.43
  2. Flaked Soya
    Flaked Soya
    As low as £17.50
  3. Fat Filled Whey
    Full Fat Milk Powder
    As low as £5.22
  4. Full Fat Soya
    Full Fat Soya
    As low as £17.50
  5. Ground Micronized Wheat
    Ground Micronized Wheat
    As low as £10.50
  6. Herring Fishmeal
    Herring Fishmeal
    As low as £4.50
  7. Limestone Flour
    Limestone Flour
    As low as £5.88
  8. Limestone Granules
    Limestone Granules
    As low as £4.90
  9. LT Fishmeal
    LT Irish Fish Meal
    As low as £5.50
  10. Maize Flour
    Maize Flour
    As low as £2.90
  11. Maize Starch
    25kg Maize Starch
    As low as £19.32
  12. Milk Powder
    Milk Powder
    As low as £6.89
  13. Polenta - Fine
    Polenta - Fine
    As low as £3.50
  14. Potato Protein
    Potato Protein
    As low as £5.80
  15. Roasted Peanut Fines
    Roasted Peanut Fines
    As low as £6.50
  16. Salmon Fishmeal
    Salmon Fish Meal
    As low as £3.46
  17. Semolina Fine
    Semolina Fine
    As low as £3.75
  18. Tigernut Flour
    Tigernut Flour
    As low as £5.92
  19. Tiger Nut Meal
    Tiger Nut Meal
    As low as £4.46
  20. Salmon Fishmeal
    Tuna Meal
    As low as £4.45
  21. Whey Powder
    Whey Powder
    As low as £4.50
  22. WPC35
    As low as £8.00
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32 Items

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