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    I met Tim about 5 months ago and it wasn’t long before we started talking about our passion for carp fishing.  Tim had been an angler all his life but in the last two years he had set himself a mission to catch a 20lb+ carp.  However, he had been...
  • Carp Baits - Colour Powdered Additives

    Carp are reliant upon their senses as much as humans and for very similar reasons. Carp use their senses to find food (to hunt) and to spot danger (to survive). However carp, as with many fish, are far more reliant upon these and other senses then we are because their...
  • Carp Baits - Liquid Additives

    Since the very birth of angling, fisherman have been searching for vital edges in order to trick wary carp into taking their baited hook. One such edge is the flavouring of hook baits.   Fish, carp in particular, are fussy creatures when it comes to food, who like humans, have...
  • Carp Fishing Baits - Powdered Additives

    Carp bait additives mainly come in two forms, powder and liquid. It is the former that we are going to discuss in this month’s Carp Baits series, detailing what a powdered additive is, what it is added to and why; also, when you would use them.   Powdered additives are...
  • Carp Fishing Baits - Nutrient Premixes

    Most of us keen anglers spend the majority of the week grafting away in our day jobs. The monotony is briefly broken by a recurring daydream, one in which we imagine spotting the shadows of a huge carp from the lake bank. This followed by line screaming from the spools...

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