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A French Carp Fishing Trip in Spring

A French Carp Fishing Trip in Spring

Spring 2024 has been somewhat unforgiving with the weather as Jason found out on his Spring trip around France, that doesn't mean however it wasn't without its successes. Stocked up with his 4Fish Base Mix 25mm bottom baits, Jason began his trip at a canal just off the river Yonne, the weather was difficult with bitter winds and temperatures only sitting around 3-5c. His first catch with a spectacular Mirror.



It was time to head out, with one lake drawing a blank due to extreme weather conditions with around 85km/h winds and rainstorms, he packed up and moved to another river to the Soane 100km from the north of Lyon, and quickly bagged a fantastic Mirror.

Safe to say Jason stayed put and by the next morning landing an even bigger mirror at 47lb, and his PB river carp.

Throughout the night there was a couple low thirties, and one of the highlights of this France trip, an excellent old river fish weighing in at 40lb, lovely.

Finally finishing off in the sunshine with a lovely 34lb Common, a varied trip with a few challenges and some very unforgiving weather, all in all creating a PB and a fantastic old river fish.





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