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I met Tim about 5 months ago and it wasn’t long before we started talking about our passion for carp fishing.  Tim had been an angler all his life but in the last two years he had set himself a mission to catch a 20lb+ carp.  However, he had been struggling to reach his goal and had always been a few pounds under that target weight.  With that in mind I decided to try and help Tim reach that target weight and we put together a plan.

After discussing the different types of ingredients and flavours he could use Tim set off to Merrington Carp Fishery in Shropshire for a three night session in September in anticipation of landing his target weight.

Just 6 hours later I got the phone call I had been waiting for….  Tim managed to slip a 22lb mirror over the net cord!  This was a massive achievement to happen so early on in the session and gave Tim the confidence boost he needed.

The hook bait was AS1 rolled by CBS who source a number of raw ingredients from Target Baits.  To prepare the hook bait I used a glug with a Sweet Almond taste to cover the baits with first, before covering the boilie with Active Boost - AVT24.  This takes about a week to process and the end result is a boilie coated with a thick layer of Active Boost - AVT24 which is a ticking time bomb of goodness.

From personal experience I have used this successfully and have smashed waters apart by using single hook baits with no free offerings.  This just goes to show the pulling power of these hook baits.












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