Our Quality Promise

All of our feeds and supplements are manufactured in a dedicated UFAS audited mill. This ensures and guarantees our customers that our ingredient sourcing, dietary formulations, manufacturing procedures and quality control meet the highest UK and European standards.

We monitor for the presence of specified naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) as defined by the rules of racing and affiliated competitions which are in line with the established BETA/UFAS NOPS guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines ensures that the risk of occurrence of such substances is minimized.

We are also audited and approved under the UK Feed Hygiene Regulations and Veterinary Medicine Regulations and approved to manufacture feed supplement premixes and supply feed ingredients.

We carefully select and source only the highest quality raw materials from approved suppliers and maintain this continuity of supply year in year out. Raw materials and finished feeds are regularly laboratory tested to ensure that we continue to meet not only ours but also your high standards.

All of our feeds and supplements are manufactured to order in a dedicated manufacturing facility and supervised by a team with long experience in manufacturing techniques and quality control. This ensures that freshness and palatability together with long shelf life are maximised.

Packaging is in robust polythene sacks ensuring that freshness is retained and contaminants excluded, with full and honest labelling displayed either on the bag itself or an attached label. This details not only full nutritional specification but also the full list of ingredients in descending order of inclusion. Codes and batch numbers allow for full traceability of each product batch. Further nutritional data and suitability of each diet is published on our website.

We will continue to be innovative on feed design and manufacture ensuring that our customers continually receive the best quality feeds to the highest nutritional standards.

Although all our products and raw materials are off high quality, they are not suitable for human consumption.