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25kg LT Fish Meal

25kg LT Fish Meal

68% - 70% protein
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A high quality fishmeal sourced from Ireland containing approximately 8% oil and 68% - 70% protein. Indirect steam dried at low temperatures it is processed from responsible sourced whole fish and trimmings (predominantly blue whiting, boar fish, mackerel and mackerel trimmings). It has superior nutritional qualities when compared to most standard fishmeals which make it a high value product. Can be included in base mixes at up to 500g/kg. Contains a natural antioxidant, low in moisture content, high in digestible amino acids, typically 92% digestibility. Lower processing temperatures allow for better amino acid availability.

Physical Properties

Colour: Light to Medium Brown

Texture: Fine free-flowing granular meal passing through 8mm screen.

Uniformity: Each lot should be as uniform as possible relative to colour, composition and texture.

Download the product spec sheet for more detailed information:

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