Your Baits. Your Way.

Custom Bait Production

Using our expertise and our wide range of vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids we are able to produce bespoke products for clients. This also would include blending other feed ingredients together to produce custom base mixes.

We work closely with the client to meet individual requirements.

Our flexibility means that we are able to manufacture both large volumes of standard products and small special mix quantities. Minimum orders will apply. Every batch is carefully recorded and sampled. Samples being retained for six months subsequent to manufacture. We ensure complete traceability on all raw materials and finished products, and manufacture in a contamination free environment.

How it Works?

Whether you have a trusted recipe that you know works, or if you would like help creating a tailored made product then please contact our experienced team. This is the perfect choice for bait rolling services and carp anglers who want to roll their own custom-made boilies.

Once you have received your order simply mix with eggs or your chosen liquid prior to rolling.

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