Potato Protein

Potato Protein

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The potato protein has an excellent amino acid complex.  It has a high biological value, higher than offered by any other vegetable protein and close to whey and egg protein.  This makes it a good source for protein fortification.  Potato proteins offer superior emulsifying, foaming and gelling properties.

Recent studies have also incidcated that it is also a promising candidate as a fish meal substitute because it has high protein and essential amino acid content.  Results suggest that Potato Protein can replace up to 20% of Fish Meal in the diet without compromising the growth performance or feed efficiency.

Physical Properties

Colour: Off White, Light Brown

Size: Free Flowing Powder

Odour: Odourless


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Nutritional Analysis
Moisture 9.5 %
Fat 3 %
Protein 80 %
Ash 0.7 %
Fibre 0.7 %