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Billy Berridge

Billy Berridge

Billy starting out fishing on the river Trent with his Dad when he was just 5 years of age, and from there his passion grew.  In his teens he progressed to match fishing, then on to specimen barbel before turning his attention to carp fishing.

To help him develop a deeper knowledge Billy then went on to study fisheries at Brooksby College which was followed by a role at a fish farm in the south of England.

Typically Billy tries to fish 3 - 5 nights per month on syndicates, as well as spending some time in Europe, previously fishing many waters across France from small exclusives, large commercials,  publics and rivers.

Nowadays along with running a successful fishery in France, Billy also assists other fishery owners and fish farmers and has a keen interest in fish nutrition. This has led him to develop a greater understanding of the ingredients used and there benefits, from which he has been able to produce his own range of HNV baits.