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Insect Protein Meal

Insect Protein Meal

A high quality Insect Protein Meal made from Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSF) that is the de-fatted version.  As a natural, sustainable  ingredient this Insect Protein Meal has an amino acid profile that is comparable to fishmeal, making it an exciting alternative.

Created using a patented extraction process that does not require any artificial solvents, making it a natural, environmentally friendly protein source that is is packed full of high-quality amino acids, lipids and micro nutrients.

As a natural ingredient the Insect Protein Meal is highly attractant and in balance with what carp want and are actively seeking out. As the de-fatted version the Insect Protein Meal is suitable for use all year round. Ideal in ground baits, as the main protein source  in homemade boilies or to dust over pellets or boilies that have been glugged.