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Jason Hill

Jason Hill

Jason lives in Worcester where he tries to fish 3 - 4 nights a week from early Spring to Christmas, as well as spending some time in France every year fishing some of the big public waters that  he first started visiting in the late 1980s.

Up for a challenge, Jason likes to fish large lakes with low stock but big fish, and although his PB is currently at 50lb + he prefers the challenge of targeting old, rare and difficult fish.

Jason has many memorable moments fishing including catching 4 x 40lb'x and a 50lbs one afternoon at Cassien.  He also remembers landing a 60yr old mid-twenty Leney from a 120 acre lake in the Cotswolds with 6 known fish that originally live in Ashlea Pool in the 1960's.  Not forgetting a 49.8lb Common that he stalked from the margins from a 55 acre lake that help just 12 carp.