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Launching Ready Made Base Mixes

Launching Ready Made Base Mixes

Due to popular demand following over 12 months of research, and many hours of product trials and testing we are very excited to be able to finally reveal a range of Ready Made Base Mixes.

The team here at Target Baits have been busy working away carefully blending ingredients to bring you complete base mixes, made to a very high specification that are available off the shelf.  All you need to do is add eggs.

Our expert field testers have been assessing and reporting on the performance of the base mixes to help us create a finish product that rolls very easily on both machines and tables and produces a quality bait with instant results!

Introducing Target Baits NutMilk Base Mix

Blended using high quality ingredients NutMilk Base Mix has been formulated to help create a highly attractive mix, that carp will seek out time and time again.

Containing a combination of Roasted Peanut Meal alongside Tiger Nut Flour this gives the NutMilk Base Mix a deep nutty aroma. Alongside the combination of nuts we have also included a blend of milk powders providing a rich creamy flavour and a digestible protein source, helping firm up baits and smooth out rolling.  Also assed is Brocacel Yeast and Brewer’s Yeast to help enhance the flavours, alongside some Seaweed Meal for some crunch.

“I took some of the Target Baits NutMilk Base Mix  to the syndicate lake to test out.  The lake had only  done two bites since Friday on the lake, we went from 8am till 1pm and managed two commons in a couple hours fishing.  We were  over the moon to see a couple on the bank”.  Brian Raisborough

Introducing Target Baits 4Fish Base Mix

Containing quality protein sources Target Baits 4Fish Base Mix has been carefully formulated to help provide an excellent energy source, suitable all year round.

With generous levels of LT Irish Fish Meal, CPSP 90 Pre-Digested, Salmon Fish Meal and Krill Fish Meal Target Baits 4Fish Base Mix helps provide quality protein sources alongside amino acids aiding digestibility, for a higher nutritional value.  To help enhance the oil content milk powders alongside Soya Flour are used, with added Brocacel Yeast that will help keep the carp coming back as they learn the nutritional value of the bait.

I did a 6 egg mix with roughly a kilo of the Target Baits 4Fish Base Mix  with 5% AVT and 3% Kelp Meal.  It rolled very easily,  being quite soft you can rattle through large amounts quick and it doesn't dry out either.   There wasn't any stickiness at all on the table and doing multiple sausages through the air gun.  Kevin Willacey