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Liquid Additives

Liquid Additives
Since the very birth of angling, fisherman have been searching for vital edges in order to trick wary carp into taking their baited hook. One such edge is the flavouring of hook baits. Fish, carp in particular, are fussy creatures when it comes to food, who like humans, have keen taste buds and a preference for certain smells and tastes. Some of these invoke an urge to feed when fish are not particularly in the mood for feeding. Over time this has given anglers an edge when those around them cannot sniffle out a bite! Think out it in a similar way to how the smell of a double cheeseburger has an uncanny way of releasing chemicals from the brain to tell the body we are hungry and need that burger when in reality we are still full from our Sunday lunch. On pressured waters, when whittling out a big 40 or 50 lb’er is a tricky task, hook bait additives have become the norm amongst the angling elite. Additives, liquid additives, in particular, are now a staple part of the assortment of baits used by any serious anglers. The big decision these anglers now have to make is not whether or not to take liquid additives with them, but more so, which ones they should take. Many anglers are spending days, and sometimes weeks, on the bank, so knowing your hook bait has an additional attractant gives anglers that extra confidence to leave a baited hook out for hours on end. Liquid Additives vs Powdered Additives Both liquid and powdered additives are superb additions in their own right, but they each have their own strengths and understanding when you may choose a liquid additive over powdered one will add big advantages to your angling knowledge. Advantages of a Liquid Additive Because of their form, liquid additives can be applied to coat a bait in a matter of seconds. Baits can be dipped into thicker ‘glug like’ liquid additives and cast out in reasonably quick time. However, the biggest advantages of a liquid additive can be gained when effective preparation and planning is made, pre trip. When baits are left to soak in a liquid additive, for hours on end, they absorb all of the flavouring, and in some cases colouring, which means the hook bait transforms, completely taking on an enhanced new flavour - similar to a joint of beef being left to marinade for a few hours. Contrary to the ‘not so’ popular belief of the ignorant non-angler, carp do not just eat everything in their path. The chemical sensitive cells that line their mouths tell fish what food is good to eat and what is not. Most fish, including carp, have a highly developed olfactory system which allows them to sense any minute alteration in the concentration of the lake water. See No Evil, Taste No Evil, Smell No Evil! Most people on the planet would know that fish can see and taste, but did you know that carp, amongst other fish, can actually smell! This fact is a game changer for carp anglers looking for vital edges. The importance of liquid additives for taste and visual effect now takes on a 3rd element and liquid additives are perfect for adding all three. Application It’s not only hook baits that benefit from liquid additives, spod mixes are a great way of introducing larger amounts of additives, although often concentrated to ensure the enhancements are not too overpowering due to the volume of additive added. What’s On The Market? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different liquid additives on the market in a variety of colours, tastes, smells and viscosities and it’s easy to get carried away. Before filling your shopping basket with an array of bottles, it is important to remember that you should firstly thoroughly test them out in a controlled environment. There are many deciding factors when it comes to catching fish and sometimes it is simply that the fish simply wanted to feed more so than on other days. With this in mind, we recommend testing one or two new liquid additives at a time and giving them at least 3 or 4 tests before making your conclusion. It’s a complicated business, and here at Target Baits we have removed a great deal of the testing phase from the equation. Our select group of expert sponsored anglers have tested our liquid additives in numerous conditions and only those they felt gave their baits the real edge are added to our range. Target Baits Liquid Additives
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