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Introducing our NEW Flavour Range

Introducing our NEW Flavour Range

Target Baits are very excited to be able to announce a NEW range of flavours to help complement our range of quality ingredients, that will make a great addition to any bait.

As we know carp have a great sense of smell which is a thousand times more sensitive than our own, so to help attract them it is vital that a good flavour is used to help enhance the taste and feel of food.

The new range encompasses sweet, spicy and creamy flavours that have been carefully put together to help deliver proven results!

Tutti Frutti

A true classic, Tutti Frutti is an incredibly popular flavour that is considered legendary, responsible for many catches over the years. Containing a melody of sweet flavours that produce a wonderful aroma, that is so distinctive and attractive, it will keep carp coming back time and time again.

Spicy Meat

This distinctive Spicy Meat flavouring is a very popular attractor, that was initially sourced from the pet food industry.  Combining a rich and meaty aroma, with a powerful blend of spices, helps it stands out from the crowd, with a great depth of flavour that is simply irresistible.

Target Baits Vanilla

If you are looking for a smooth, creamy flavour then Vanilla is unbeatable!  With superb creamy undertones, delivering a very rich vanilla flavour Target Baits Vanilla is an extremely attractive but subtle flavour that will go on working over long periods to help boost your pulling power.

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